Monday, April 26, 2010

Changing Directions

UGH! I haven't blogged in FOREVER! I've been caught up in school (Boring and creativity-draining, as usual), the weather, and a bunch of other stuff, such as obsessively looking at certain American Vogue editorials...

*Cough cough Changing Directions Cough cough*

So, short story short, I've been caught up in virtually nothing. Yes, excuses, excuses.

I need May Vogue...

Vogue is a source of pleasure for me. Most articles are either interesting, or just have to do with stuff that people really should know. Like about artificial sweetener (Article found in April 2010 Vogue).

Vogue is also a bit of a fantasy land that I can dive into, right in my own living room... Once I tried to do this in the school cafeteria (Which is hideous in every way possible). This is not an easy feat, especially when the girls sitting at the table next to yours are wearing slutty shorts... So, while diving into the pages of Vogue, people looked at me like I'm the freak. Which I am, in a certain special way. What other 12 year old looks at Vogue during lunch?

Yes, Changing Directions... In direction-changing words... Fascinating... Just like this magnificent dress. I wouldn't mind paying about $26,000 dollars for it. The skirt underneath is cute, too. The text-y page has a bunch of Demulemeester clothes... It's a cool outfit. Very different from the mini dress.

By the way, the model is Karlie Kloss.
In this photo, her legs look SOOOO long! It's kind of sick, yet somehow I hope to have legs that long... Maybe I could. I'm in 7th grade and tower over most people (I'm 5'7" and all leg).
I love the little bustle on this skirt...
Nothing to say about these, really.
You are now viewing my all-time favorite April 2010 Vogue page EVER! Page 219, the awesomely cute Louis Vuitton mini dress page. If I could choose anything out of this WHOLE magazine, this would be it. I would wear it to school and on weekends so much that it would get really gross, and then I would buy a new one OR a whole bunch of them!

Also, there's a Burberry Sport perfume/cologne smelly page, and I find the smell really calming.

So you see, I am quite strange.

Now, as mentioned earlier in the post, I NEED the May edition!

I hope to post again very soon!

Lots of irks and smirks,