Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Say goodbye...

Say goodbye to Style Savvy. I need a new place to work, away from this disgraceful blog that I have come to hate.

I look back at previous posts and think about how stupid and un-me I sound. So I took a one-month break, and have now decided to start a new blog.


I might come back. Maybe. It just depends.

-Erin N.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sea and Sand

Editorial photos from Fashion Copious. Runway photos from

Monday, April 26, 2010

Changing Directions

UGH! I haven't blogged in FOREVER! I've been caught up in school (Boring and creativity-draining, as usual), the weather, and a bunch of other stuff, such as obsessively looking at certain American Vogue editorials...

*Cough cough Changing Directions Cough cough*

So, short story short, I've been caught up in virtually nothing. Yes, excuses, excuses.

I need May Vogue...

Vogue is a source of pleasure for me. Most articles are either interesting, or just have to do with stuff that people really should know. Like about artificial sweetener (Article found in April 2010 Vogue).

Vogue is also a bit of a fantasy land that I can dive into, right in my own living room... Once I tried to do this in the school cafeteria (Which is hideous in every way possible). This is not an easy feat, especially when the girls sitting at the table next to yours are wearing slutty shorts... So, while diving into the pages of Vogue, people looked at me like I'm the freak. Which I am, in a certain special way. What other 12 year old looks at Vogue during lunch?

Yes, Changing Directions... In direction-changing words... Fascinating... Just like this magnificent dress. I wouldn't mind paying about $26,000 dollars for it. The skirt underneath is cute, too. The text-y page has a bunch of Demulemeester clothes... It's a cool outfit. Very different from the mini dress.

By the way, the model is Karlie Kloss.
In this photo, her legs look SOOOO long! It's kind of sick, yet somehow I hope to have legs that long... Maybe I could. I'm in 7th grade and tower over most people (I'm 5'7" and all leg).
I love the little bustle on this skirt...
Nothing to say about these, really.
You are now viewing my all-time favorite April 2010 Vogue page EVER! Page 219, the awesomely cute Louis Vuitton mini dress page. If I could choose anything out of this WHOLE magazine, this would be it. I would wear it to school and on weekends so much that it would get really gross, and then I would buy a new one OR a whole bunch of them!

Also, there's a Burberry Sport perfume/cologne smelly page, and I find the smell really calming.

So you see, I am quite strange.

Now, as mentioned earlier in the post, I NEED the May edition!

I hope to post again very soon!

Lots of irks and smirks,


Monday, March 29, 2010

The true art of life- the ballgown

I have always admired ballgowns of many shapes and sizes (The bigger, the better in most cases), so I have changed the sidebar pictures to these!
How much do I love these? TONS! I found them on Fashion Copious, a great website for fashion. These pictures are so beautiful. Are they part of a grand scheme that I'm plotting to turn this blog into a Maire Antoinette sanctuary? Quite possibly. I won't have any Guillotine posts, though.
This is a cute little mini-gown from Prada's Resort 2008 collection. The color is lovely. This dress doesn't really look like much else from the collection. Most of the collection was floral, kind of 50's-ish, prints.
This was from the strange Vivian Westwood collection. Many models had drawn-on mustaches. Strange.
This one isn't quite a ballgown. It's weirdly cute, though. I really need a sweater in this print.

I'll probably be making fashion-y things for the rest of Spring Break. I was gonna go to New York City, but we're holding it off 'til June or so.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Collette Dinnigan Fall 2010

I think I'm going to get depressed if I do another Fall runway show this Spring, but I'll look at Collette Dinnigan's anyway. It's too beautiful to pass up. This Australian designer has a HUGELY... I don't know... ME style! Like that pretty little French girl kinda style. But I'm not little. Or French. Sometimes I really wish I was French, though. People in Virginia generally have absolutely horrid style... Not good at all. I usually get comments from some jerky girl on my bus about how weird my clothes/hair accessories are, which is very odd. I think. Maybe she just can't accept someone who doesn't fit into the Ugg-wearing masses. Oh, lord. I keep making Ugg-dissing comments. I should stop before I get OCD or something.

OK now, Erin. Time to go waaaaay back to the topic. But now I can't. Which is probably because of my brother making horse sounds. He's 15, by the way. Nothing weird about a 15-year-old, horse-sound making brother. Nope, nothing at all.

 Wowzers. I didn't want to put the trench next to the tulle, but it turned out like this. I kind of like how you can just, I don't know, compare the two. I lovedy-love the shorter dress. It looks like something you could just dance in or something. Why couldn't I wear that in my 6 years of dance classes? I never liked the weird Minnie Mouse dresses. Ick.
This mirror-y dress is cool. I wanna go DISCO in it or something!
I love how chic these three are. The puff-sleeved one is very French-ish.

I find it special and unusual how this one model modeled the whole collection. I think she has the perfect look for the collection, so I really like the idea of it.

I guess I haven't said anything about my penpal yet. So I will now.

So, in French class, we have penpals, from FRANCE, of course. My penpal's name is Pauline. She rides horses and has 3 cats. Very cool.

I'll try to find a picture of me from a dance recital... I shudder at the thought of the costumes.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Not all 7th graders have horrendous style...

Yes, it's true. Not quite all 7th graders have utterly horrendous style. There's a few different types.

Type 1: The Aber-zombie. This kid wears Abercrombie clothing as a religion. Usually not because they like the clothes, they just like the label. This kid wears Ugg(ly)s 90% of the time.

Type 2:  The Aeropostale kid. This kid has an Aero addiction. They wear the gaudy, bright colors and show no shame.

Type 3: The kid with no clue. This poor child has no clue that what they're wearing is truly awful.  

Type 4 (Me): The in-between kid. Like me, they wear a variety of clothing from popular pre-teen/teen stores such as American Eagle, Abercrombie, Hollister, and a bit of Aeropostale. They wear nice accessories from stores such as Anthropologie.

So, I have "Type 4" middle school style. I desperately stay away from all of the horrors listed below.

1. Ugg boots/slippers
2. Dustbunny makeup (Way too much eyeliner,  mascara, and eyeshadow. Creates a dusty, fake appearance.)
3. Sweatpants
4. Baggy t-shirts
5. Way-too-short denim shorts (SO many girls have worn them lately! Most of these girls don't have the body types that allows a girl to get away with such things.) The wearing of these shorts to school usually results in getting scolded by your grade's dean.

I admit, my style was bad last year. I always wore Aero t-shirts and furry sweatshirts with skinny jeans.

My style has evolved so much over the past year. Now, I wear cardigans and Crewcut t-shirts, which are special and pretty.

What is your style like?

February snow brings March flowers.....

Oh... The utter joy of blogging again! I was sick for a while with a horrible cold. Then I had tons of homework. Then I had to go to a birthday party. And all through this I had an even bigger problem. I had no good blog ideas. But, a leaf got me out of this creativity rut. Yes, you're probably thinking, "A leaf? What?" But I assure you that it wasn't just any old leaf. It was a TRANSPARENT leaf.
 This is my darling leaf. My little leafy is resting on some moss in this picture. By the way, every picture in this post was taken by me on my dad's camera. Please ask for permission if you want to use any. I'll definitely let you use them if you do.

Excuses, excuses. I know. On the other hand, getting a whopping 14 followers is exciting. Thanks for following!

The title of the post is kind of based on the weather here in Virginia. We had like, 3 feet of snow, and now there's a lot of flowers blooming this month, March. Some of these flowers are some bulbs that my dad and I planted last fall. I am kinda fascinated by them since they're new... Which is kinda weird. Yet I forgot the name of them many months ago.

These are some white ones. I love how these pictures turned out. My mom told me that I have "An artistic eye." I'm unsure whether that means I have a really odd way of looking at things, or if it's a compliment.
Ooh... Yes. These yellow ones (I like to call the color "buttercup") are what bring me to a very Project Runway-ish idea of mine.
This is a drawing (By me!) of a dress that is quite obviously inspired by the flowers. Do you like it? I wish it hadn't turned out so literal. I might draw a more conceptual dress inspired by the flowers later. 

I have been wanting to post some of my drawings for a long time, just never had a chance, so do you like them?

Sorry that this picture isn't cropped or anything. The camera was set on a weird setting, so I had to do some stuff differently than usual.
This is a purple one that bloomed yesterday. I love the angle that I used in this picture.

I've gotta go now. My dad just got a new car. A BMW, I think.

Any feedback?

Friday, March 5, 2010

Style File: Curly Hair

This is the first of a new feature on Style Savvy called Style File. I'm putting the first sidebar picture so that when you click on it, you go to all posts with the label "Style File".

This one is on curly hair. I am a curly hair victim. Why do I was victim? Probably because curly hair is a curse. It is very hard to style it unless you have a lot of time and patience, which I don't. I have 1 hour in the morning to shower, eat breakfast, get my lunch and school stuff ready, put on makeup, check on the blog, and on bad days, get homework done. There isn't much time for hair-primping in that schedule, no?

Curly hair has been on the runway, the red carpet, in my home, and most other places. Some day, I will show you a picture of me/my cursed hair. But for now, pictures you can find on the internet will have to do, ok?
First off, there's Lily Cole, model extraordinaire. To me, she doesn't look like other models. She looks healthier. Yesterday, I got freaked out by a model I saw on She was so skinny. Especially her legs.* But Lily isn't like that. Thank God for that. I hate to see these beautiful models get food and sleep deprived just because of our horrible mindset towards weight. I'll have to post about this controversial (Is it controversial? I have no idea.) issue soon.

Lily Cole has such radiant red hair. It's an example of beautiful curly hair.
Then there's Nicole Kidman at the Grammy's with her curly updo. Unlike most celebrities (cough cough, Lady Gaga, cough cough), Nicole Kidman always has a similar, timeless look. I remember seeing her in Bewitched way back when I was a youngster. Her hair was way blonder then, but still had the same look.
This is from the Christian Dior Fall 2010 collection. This Dior collection used big curly hair. Some models had little braids, like this model, while others, like the model below, don't.
I love this model's hair. It' what I wish I could do with my short hair. I suppose ruffles will be in in the Fall, by this dress.

I guess curly hair is ok. Just superdy-duper annoying most all of the time. I hope you enjoyed the post!

*Tell me in the comments if you care to see her.

Spring Beauty

Ahh... The beauty of Spring. Flowers, a break from school, and the wonderful runway shows! What could be better? Other than Summer, of course, Spring is my very favorite season. These pictures are Chicken Soup for the Fashion-Lover's Soul (I really don't know. I have never read those books. They look sappy and odd.).
Vivienne Tam+Spring+a beautiful model= A butterfly maxi-dress. The clutch is very chic. It reminds me of these cute sticky notes I got from Anthropologie a while ago.
Wow. Viktor & Rolf really had to cut back on fabric this Spring, I guess. Get it? Cut back? When there's a big chucnk of fabric missing from the skirt? I'm not a fan of the hairstyles and makeup, but this is really cool!
This is a United Bamboo runway look. I've never really heard of United Bamboo before, but I'm glad I did! The little ruffle on the bodice is very chic.
The ruffle trend at its greatest. made by the ingenious minds of the Stella McCartney people. The skirt is great, too.
Wow! A Swiss-cheese dress! This is so cool! Yet, in the back of my mind I'm thinking "Eww... I hate cheese..." I guess a cheese-y dress (Not in the bad way. In the really good way.) is just fine, though. (viktor and Rolf)

This is from the beyond-words-ly wonderful Marchesa collection. Eeek! I love this so much!
More of the Marchesa! It's very chic. It reminds me of high-fashion paper hole-punching things.
I love how this dress hugs the models curves before it gets all big and puffy! Very elegant in its own cool way.
Wow. This Marchesa dress is probably my favorite EVER. It's beyond words.
Marchesa Bridal. Wonderful!The intricate bodice makes up for the simple skirt.
 More Marchesa... Yes. I'm in love with this collection.this bandage dress is one of my absolute favorites EVER.

I hope to post again soon! If you have any friends who blog, or if you are a non-follower *Gasp!*, then I would love it if you/your friends followed me! I mean my blog, not me. That would be stalker-ish. Now that I've said that, please don't stalk me. I'd get really freaked out and call the police.

Byebye for now! There'll be a new blog feature coming soon!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

I got a header!

I finally got a real header! It's from a UK Vogue issue (Not sure which one), and one of my favorite pictures of all time!

I also got some pictures for the sidebar. They're from US Vogue's September 2007 issue, and were in the movie The September Issue. Very 20's inspired.

Do you like 'em?