Saturday, March 20, 2010

Not all 7th graders have horrendous style...

Yes, it's true. Not quite all 7th graders have utterly horrendous style. There's a few different types.

Type 1: The Aber-zombie. This kid wears Abercrombie clothing as a religion. Usually not because they like the clothes, they just like the label. This kid wears Ugg(ly)s 90% of the time.

Type 2:  The Aeropostale kid. This kid has an Aero addiction. They wear the gaudy, bright colors and show no shame.

Type 3: The kid with no clue. This poor child has no clue that what they're wearing is truly awful.  

Type 4 (Me): The in-between kid. Like me, they wear a variety of clothing from popular pre-teen/teen stores such as American Eagle, Abercrombie, Hollister, and a bit of Aeropostale. They wear nice accessories from stores such as Anthropologie.

So, I have "Type 4" middle school style. I desperately stay away from all of the horrors listed below.

1. Ugg boots/slippers
2. Dustbunny makeup (Way too much eyeliner,  mascara, and eyeshadow. Creates a dusty, fake appearance.)
3. Sweatpants
4. Baggy t-shirts
5. Way-too-short denim shorts (SO many girls have worn them lately! Most of these girls don't have the body types that allows a girl to get away with such things.) The wearing of these shorts to school usually results in getting scolded by your grade's dean.

I admit, my style was bad last year. I always wore Aero t-shirts and furry sweatshirts with skinny jeans.

My style has evolved so much over the past year. Now, I wear cardigans and Crewcut t-shirts, which are special and pretty.

What is your style like?


  1. Hm. I would say it's really hard to classify every individual into 4 fashion types. I mean, I definitely see where you're coming from, but I'm surprised that there aren't many other people who are interested in fashion enough to know that "Hollister" isn't high end in your grade.
    Although, you do make a good point. I'm in 8th grade, so I definitely see what you mean.

  2. Katie Beth-

    I live in an area of Virginia where people will wear baseball caps to fancy restaurants. These are the people who think that Abercrombie and Hollister are "Designer" clothing. They also believe that Juicy Couture is real couture, though it's mass produced. *Gag*


    PS- Thanks for commenting!