Monday, March 29, 2010

The true art of life- the ballgown

I have always admired ballgowns of many shapes and sizes (The bigger, the better in most cases), so I have changed the sidebar pictures to these!
How much do I love these? TONS! I found them on Fashion Copious, a great website for fashion. These pictures are so beautiful. Are they part of a grand scheme that I'm plotting to turn this blog into a Maire Antoinette sanctuary? Quite possibly. I won't have any Guillotine posts, though.
This is a cute little mini-gown from Prada's Resort 2008 collection. The color is lovely. This dress doesn't really look like much else from the collection. Most of the collection was floral, kind of 50's-ish, prints.
This was from the strange Vivian Westwood collection. Many models had drawn-on mustaches. Strange.
This one isn't quite a ballgown. It's weirdly cute, though. I really need a sweater in this print.

I'll probably be making fashion-y things for the rest of Spring Break. I was gonna go to New York City, but we're holding it off 'til June or so.



  1. jadore !! i know the guy on the shooting of vogue italia charles guislain :)

  2. ballgowns are just gorgeous. I like the really really poofy ones with all the tulle... fantasticccc!!!!!!

  3. I love these picture :)


  4. Such gorgeous dresses! The first is my favorite, it's the prefect princess dress :) I also absolutely love your header photo, it's one of my favorites, do you know who the photographer is?