Sunday, March 21, 2010

Collette Dinnigan Fall 2010

I think I'm going to get depressed if I do another Fall runway show this Spring, but I'll look at Collette Dinnigan's anyway. It's too beautiful to pass up. This Australian designer has a HUGELY... I don't know... ME style! Like that pretty little French girl kinda style. But I'm not little. Or French. Sometimes I really wish I was French, though. People in Virginia generally have absolutely horrid style... Not good at all. I usually get comments from some jerky girl on my bus about how weird my clothes/hair accessories are, which is very odd. I think. Maybe she just can't accept someone who doesn't fit into the Ugg-wearing masses. Oh, lord. I keep making Ugg-dissing comments. I should stop before I get OCD or something.

OK now, Erin. Time to go waaaaay back to the topic. But now I can't. Which is probably because of my brother making horse sounds. He's 15, by the way. Nothing weird about a 15-year-old, horse-sound making brother. Nope, nothing at all.

 Wowzers. I didn't want to put the trench next to the tulle, but it turned out like this. I kind of like how you can just, I don't know, compare the two. I lovedy-love the shorter dress. It looks like something you could just dance in or something. Why couldn't I wear that in my 6 years of dance classes? I never liked the weird Minnie Mouse dresses. Ick.
This mirror-y dress is cool. I wanna go DISCO in it or something!
I love how chic these three are. The puff-sleeved one is very French-ish.

I find it special and unusual how this one model modeled the whole collection. I think she has the perfect look for the collection, so I really like the idea of it.

I guess I haven't said anything about my penpal yet. So I will now.

So, in French class, we have penpals, from FRANCE, of course. My penpal's name is Pauline. She rides horses and has 3 cats. Very cool.

I'll try to find a picture of me from a dance recital... I shudder at the thought of the costumes.


  1. I like the look of this collection, too. It is very French-ish.
    You're so lucky that in your French class you get to FRENCH pen-pals! I wish I had that in my Spanish class!
    Anyway, nice blog!