Saturday, March 20, 2010

February snow brings March flowers.....

Oh... The utter joy of blogging again! I was sick for a while with a horrible cold. Then I had tons of homework. Then I had to go to a birthday party. And all through this I had an even bigger problem. I had no good blog ideas. But, a leaf got me out of this creativity rut. Yes, you're probably thinking, "A leaf? What?" But I assure you that it wasn't just any old leaf. It was a TRANSPARENT leaf.
 This is my darling leaf. My little leafy is resting on some moss in this picture. By the way, every picture in this post was taken by me on my dad's camera. Please ask for permission if you want to use any. I'll definitely let you use them if you do.

Excuses, excuses. I know. On the other hand, getting a whopping 14 followers is exciting. Thanks for following!

The title of the post is kind of based on the weather here in Virginia. We had like, 3 feet of snow, and now there's a lot of flowers blooming this month, March. Some of these flowers are some bulbs that my dad and I planted last fall. I am kinda fascinated by them since they're new... Which is kinda weird. Yet I forgot the name of them many months ago.

These are some white ones. I love how these pictures turned out. My mom told me that I have "An artistic eye." I'm unsure whether that means I have a really odd way of looking at things, or if it's a compliment.
Ooh... Yes. These yellow ones (I like to call the color "buttercup") are what bring me to a very Project Runway-ish idea of mine.
This is a drawing (By me!) of a dress that is quite obviously inspired by the flowers. Do you like it? I wish it hadn't turned out so literal. I might draw a more conceptual dress inspired by the flowers later. 

I have been wanting to post some of my drawings for a long time, just never had a chance, so do you like them?

Sorry that this picture isn't cropped or anything. The camera was set on a weird setting, so I had to do some stuff differently than usual.
This is a purple one that bloomed yesterday. I love the angle that I used in this picture.

I've gotta go now. My dad just got a new car. A BMW, I think.

Any feedback?


  1. I'm so happy that spring is here!!!! I love flowers... they always make me feel better!

  2. I think the yellow dress is cute. I'd wear it as a wedding gown :)