Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring Beauty

Ahh... The beauty of Spring. Flowers, a break from school, and the wonderful runway shows! What could be better? Other than Summer, of course, Spring is my very favorite season. These pictures are Chicken Soup for the Fashion-Lover's Soul (I really don't know. I have never read those books. They look sappy and odd.).
Vivienne Tam+Spring+a beautiful model= A butterfly maxi-dress. The clutch is very chic. It reminds me of these cute sticky notes I got from Anthropologie a while ago.
Wow. Viktor & Rolf really had to cut back on fabric this Spring, I guess. Get it? Cut back? When there's a big chucnk of fabric missing from the skirt? I'm not a fan of the hairstyles and makeup, but this is really cool!
This is a United Bamboo runway look. I've never really heard of United Bamboo before, but I'm glad I did! The little ruffle on the bodice is very chic.
The ruffle trend at its greatest. made by the ingenious minds of the Stella McCartney people. The skirt is great, too.
Wow! A Swiss-cheese dress! This is so cool! Yet, in the back of my mind I'm thinking "Eww... I hate cheese..." I guess a cheese-y dress (Not in the bad way. In the really good way.) is just fine, though. (viktor and Rolf)

This is from the beyond-words-ly wonderful Marchesa collection. Eeek! I love this so much!
More of the Marchesa! It's very chic. It reminds me of high-fashion paper hole-punching things.
I love how this dress hugs the models curves before it gets all big and puffy! Very elegant in its own cool way.
Wow. This Marchesa dress is probably my favorite EVER. It's beyond words.
Marchesa Bridal. Wonderful!The intricate bodice makes up for the simple skirt.
 More Marchesa... Yes. I'm in love with this collection.this bandage dress is one of my absolute favorites EVER.

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