Friday, March 5, 2010

Style File: Curly Hair

This is the first of a new feature on Style Savvy called Style File. I'm putting the first sidebar picture so that when you click on it, you go to all posts with the label "Style File".

This one is on curly hair. I am a curly hair victim. Why do I was victim? Probably because curly hair is a curse. It is very hard to style it unless you have a lot of time and patience, which I don't. I have 1 hour in the morning to shower, eat breakfast, get my lunch and school stuff ready, put on makeup, check on the blog, and on bad days, get homework done. There isn't much time for hair-primping in that schedule, no?

Curly hair has been on the runway, the red carpet, in my home, and most other places. Some day, I will show you a picture of me/my cursed hair. But for now, pictures you can find on the internet will have to do, ok?
First off, there's Lily Cole, model extraordinaire. To me, she doesn't look like other models. She looks healthier. Yesterday, I got freaked out by a model I saw on She was so skinny. Especially her legs.* But Lily isn't like that. Thank God for that. I hate to see these beautiful models get food and sleep deprived just because of our horrible mindset towards weight. I'll have to post about this controversial (Is it controversial? I have no idea.) issue soon.

Lily Cole has such radiant red hair. It's an example of beautiful curly hair.
Then there's Nicole Kidman at the Grammy's with her curly updo. Unlike most celebrities (cough cough, Lady Gaga, cough cough), Nicole Kidman always has a similar, timeless look. I remember seeing her in Bewitched way back when I was a youngster. Her hair was way blonder then, but still had the same look.
This is from the Christian Dior Fall 2010 collection. This Dior collection used big curly hair. Some models had little braids, like this model, while others, like the model below, don't.
I love this model's hair. It' what I wish I could do with my short hair. I suppose ruffles will be in in the Fall, by this dress.

I guess curly hair is ok. Just superdy-duper annoying most all of the time. I hope you enjoyed the post!

*Tell me in the comments if you care to see her.


  1. i would LOVE to have curly hair! unfortunately, my asian roots run so deep that i can't do ANYTHING no matter how hard i try...curls last about 30 min on my hair :(

  2. o my goodness, I love your blog! It would be awesome if you could visit my fashion blog

  3. Thanx for visiting my blog Erin! I was looking at your profile and it's so scary how many things we have in common! ( that doesn't sound creepy, does it?)

  4. Darn I wish I had curly hair. Mine is all straight and boring. Ahwell.

  5. Yeh I am glad the trend for poker straight hair is dying (finally)!