Monday, January 4, 2010

Alberta Ferretti Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear

Hello! I saw the Alberta Ferretti collection, and really liked it! So... that is the newest collection for me to post about. This collection contained sheer fabrics (Again!!!), pastel colors, and some very unhealthy looking models! Some day I'm going to have to post about the woes of models. I've modeled once. For my grandmother. She makes aprons and sells them at craft fairs. Now I'm going off topic. Time to go back to the collection.
I really like the clothes, especially the ones with the pale orange, lace fabric. My complaint? The sickly models. The colors blend into their skin. Even my brother realizes this! (He thought one of the models was nude as he glanced at the computer screen!) When a teenage boy realizes something like this, you know for sure that it's true!
Eek! Why did the picture on the right turn out so big??? Or maybe she's a giant! This irks me, so!

I do really like that lilac dress with the tie-around belt. If just the color popped against the model's skin!!! Why, Alberta, why???
Well, The models may look nude to the passer-by-ers of my computer, but the clothes are well made. The white fabrics can actually be seen against the pale-pink of the models' skin

Ah.... And here's the fancy stuff. "Red Carpet" as Alberta calls it. It seems a bit light and, I don't know, just too daytime-y. It wouldn't fit in on the nighttime red carpet. But why fit in? I suppose it's better to stand out.

I'm starting to bore myself here. Click here to see the full collection.

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