Monday, February 1, 2010

Christian Dior Spring 2010 Couture

es, readers, I am back! And so much better than before. I had exams last week. I had to study for my French P.A.L.S. I was busy-ish and I kept telling myself every single weekend up until now "Yes, I will blog today!" As you can see, that never really worked out. And I feel guilty-ish. On the bright side, I am reviewing Couture for the first time!
Ooh-la-la! The pastels! The big tilted hats! Some of these looks seem almost magical with Chantilly lace and flower appliques.

I just LOVE the ankle boots! The white give it a more feminine look, while the black are a bit more tough.
They have such an old-fashioned look. I especially love the little buttons. 

These ones are okay, too. Not my favorite, though.
What wonderful colors! This collection uses such a good variety of colors. You see the pastels and then this; beautiful ruby, sapphire, amethyst, etc. The far left look reminds me of a peacock. Maybe it would a bit more if the shoes were teal or green, too. Now the ball gown... The first of many, indescribably beautiful gowns... The colors are so perfect. It has a nice bustle and bodice.
Now these are so pretty, too! I love the color combos. Who would ever think to put cream with that orangey-brown color?  And the pale pink and periwinkle mermaid dress has such a cool bustle!

Now that blue and sage dress is REALLY cool. At first I though it was a weird jumpsuit, but then I realized it was a skirt. The ruby-red dress has such a nice bow on the bodice. But one of my top 3 picks in the entire 60-something piece collection is The scalloped/bow silver/pale pink/white dress! Are there even words to describe such a dress?! 

This collection is in my top 3 for Spring Couture. To see it all, click here.

Bye-bye for now! Get ready to see a new couture collection soon...

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