Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Polyvore and Other Random Stuff

I've been making a bunch of Polyvore sets recently. Polyvore is a really cool website where you make cool "sets" of clothing, accessories, and backgrounds.Here's one of my latest sets.

My mom is an Anthropologie Addict, which is where the dress comes from. Cute, right? Some Anthro stuff is just the opposite.

Take this bag-lady dress for example. It reminds me of my math teacher.

My math teacher wear ankle-length, denim, button-up dresses with too-short long sleeves to her job! Ick... Why do some teachers make the fashion-obsessed kids' eyes suffer like that? School is bad enough with the stupid relationship drama and "Popular" kids. Now, to make matters SO much worse, teachers dress horribly. Well, some teachers look good. It's usually the nice teachers that look nice. Coincidence, much?

I want to post a real picture of my sneakers, but I don't exactly have a camera... I guess this Polyvore pic will have to do.

Items in this set:
Jayme Sneaker, $110
Jeffrey Campbell Haley Stud, $100

 My lovely Coach sneakers... $110 plus $8 tax. They didn't have them in the store, so I ordered them in-store to escape shipping charges. I suggest that any Coach fans do that if they don't see what they like in the store.

Next are my Jeffrey Campbell Haley Stud flats...I actually have 2 pairs of them. Black and Pewter. I got the pewter ones in October or so. I wore them out trick-or-treating (A fact that I regret now. But they were the only shoes I had at the time to match my mime costume.) Now my lovely pewter flats aren't the nicest looking around the edges... 

I got the black ones for my school band concert. We have a strict uniform (Black pants, white shirt, black shoes), so I needed black shoes. They came in the mail the day before the concert. I did end up escaping a black-pant horror scenario. Since I'm thin and tall, I have a hugely hard time finding pants that fit. Abercrombie Kids is the only brand that fits me when I get pants. We went there to look, but the salesgirl told us that they sell nothing black. That sounds so stupid to me because they sell pretty much EVERY neutral! Well, except for black, as I now know.

Well, in the end, I went to Nordstroms and found a nice black skirt and tights

The end. 

 I've been thinking of having more Polyvore-related posts. With random moments/stories. But first, I need some feedback. Did you like this post? Love it? Hate it? Fall asleep while reading it? Just tell me!


  1. Hey, thanks for commenting on my blog! Your blog is very good for someone so young, I really like it! It's also really interesting for me to see what the American dress style is, it's so different from Ireland! Would you follow my blog please? I'd really appreciate it and follow back :)

  2. Thanks so much! I followed your blog! It's really cool and interesting.

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. great items in the first set.