Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spring Trends- Ruffles and Bows

Two major spring trends are ruffles and bows. These two trends have been popular since the days of Marie Antoinette and all those royal court people.
This is a portrait of Marie Antoinette as an adult. Very elegant, right? I'm just glad we don't have to wear corsets nowadays. We can still wear ruffles, though.

Here are some ruffley things for $100 and under. The pink shoes (Jeffrey Campbell! LOVE!) are like 100 or so. They're the most expensive item in the Polyvore set. The bikini top is American Eagle. I might get it. The strap can be removed, so it can be strapless (Obviously). It's all just cheap-ish clothes that most teenagers can buy and love without going totally broke.

Bows by catlover103 featuring Monsoon

This set has all $50 and under... I think.

I actually used the earrings in another Polyvore set I made a while ago. They're Juicy Couture. That brings me to a tres (French for very) horrible thing most middle-schoolers think.

They think that Juicy Couture is REAL COUTURE!!! REAL couture isn't mass-produced!!!

Do you know who believes this? Those "Popular" girls who think they know just everything about fashion when they really  know NOTHING about it! Do they go home from school and look at runway shows first thing? NO...

Sorry... That was a bit of a rant, I now see...

But really? Who wants to walk around with the word "Juicy" on their butt? What if there's a cannibal around?

Ok. Back to the main point now.

Bow. Ruffles. LOVE THEM!

Byebye for now...


  1. I totally agree on that whole juicy thing, I see people walking around with "JUICY" on their butt. && Im astonished, and its like honestly how can I take you seriously with the word juicy on your ass? But I like the ruffles, not a huge bow fan (they're ok, but they kinda remind me of clowns). And I have the same problem at my school, the kids actually believe vintage clothing is just clothes their sister or brothers didnt wear from last season. Ha

    Good Post,

  2. Thanks, Domino. The whole kids "Vintage" thing is so... Ugh.


  3. I agree with you about the corsets...and the ruffles:) Great picks.

  4. i know this may sound a bit self-centered, but you kind of remind me of me when I was 12! i was totally, totally into stardoll, too, and that's how i got interested in fashion. i'm about to turn 14 soon, and i had a fashion blog when i was 12, too! i'm also totally really into french style like you! keep up this blog, it's really impressive! don't ever give it up!

  5. I'm with you girl! I am totally amazed that such a sweet young girl as yourself can speak fashion so well. ^-^ Love the bows, I'm a bit obsessed with them, lol.

    Adorable post!

  6. Sophie-

    Thanks so much for your comment! I LOVE your headbands! The Golden Bloom one for the giveaway on Sammi Suits is my absolute FAVORITE! I'm a headband addict. Hehe.