Saturday, February 27, 2010

Elie Saab Spring 2010 Couture

I just love this Elie Saab collection! Normally I'm not a big fan of his work, but this collection was different. It kind of reminds me of the ocean. I haven't done a post like this for a little while, so I figured I'd do one now. Especially since i got publicly humiliated yesterday. You see, in Home Ec., I had to take a test on measuring and I did something really dumb. I forgot to do the back page of it! And to make matters worse, the students all checked each-others tests. Yeah, people laughed. But they're the real idiots in this situation. And kinda me. But mostly them. Inconsiderate jerks.

So you see, blogging is my escape from the inconsiderate jerks of the world.

These are some of my favorites. And there's a lot of favorites. I love the printed dress. It looks a bit like watercolor. The other dresses look almost gauzy. They're very flattering on the models. Who knows how they would look on a normal woman. Probably good, though.
Here's another watercolor print dress. I like this one even more, though. The ruching in the bodice is very pretty and the tulle underskirt is a nice touch. The little cap sleeves are my favorite, though.

The other dresses aren't quite as nice, but the pale beige one is close enough. I like how flowey it is.
Hmmm... I don't like these as much as the others. The brighter colors are a bit refreshing, though.
These are some of my favorite short dresses. The little cocktail bolero is really cute. I love the pink dress, though. It has so much simple detail.
And alas, we are to the end of the pictures. The beige one is very  sea-like. It looks a bit like coral and seaweed.

So, this Elie Saab collection gets an 8/10 in my blog. The colors are all a bit too similar.

Byebye for now!

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE these dresses... fab. I really like your blog too! I'm now 'following' you and have added you to my blogroll. :D

    Also, thank you for the comment on my Madeline outfit post! That's neat that you had THREE Madeline dolls!

    :] Are you really only 12?!?!